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The unique thinking that sits behind services offered at EWA is Relationship Development. It is our philosophy, it is our focus, it is at the core of everything we do. When you access this expertise through our range of targeted methods, you can maximise your communication potential and build even better relationships with your customers and stakeholders.

Customer Relationship Management Solutions

Customer Journey Mapping and
Customer Experience Audits
These services form our Communications Audit, where we use advanced tools and techniques to map and analyse every possible customer interaction from pre-purchase to after-sales experience.

EWA Communications Audits build a true picture of what is going on at ground level with your brand, bridging the thinking between Board Members and the Customer Service Agent. Audits can be eye opening on many levels, and the best place to start developing better customer relations.
Customer Relationship Management Solutions
Customer Relationship Strategy
Whether you already know that change is needed, or one of our audits has given a clear picture for improvement, our Relationship Development team works with your brand to create a strategy to meet identified goals.

By understanding your processes through customer journey mapping and customer experience audits, EWA can gather valuable data. This data is used to inform goal-orientated creative communications solutions such as better customer relationships and higher customer spend.
Loyalty Programmes and
Promotion Schemes
We are experts at devising strategies that attract new customers and creating engaging campaigns to retain existing ones. In fact our range of Relationship Development tools has helped numerous clients through competitions, promotions, and product launches. To find out how, click on a case study below.
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Customer Relationship Management Solutions