Is your data the lifeblood of your customer
communications? It should be...
Data is customer information; the quality of that data and the way it is handled directly informs the quality of your communications with your customers. EWA know exactly how to collect the highest quality data and turn it into turbo-boosted communication opportunities.

Customer Data Management Solutions

The holy grail of marketing is to create a single customer view.
EWA Customer Data Management solutions has the power to do just that.
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Data collection
Through the design of data rules, processes and the overall structure, EWA ensure quality data is gathered at the point of collection. Every email, social media communication, response - or lack of - is flagged by making sure a companys collection techniques and systems can fulfil this function.
Data extraction
The EWA technical team have a wealth of experience in linking and extracting data from a variety of systems such as Salesforce, Dynamics and SAP, as well as the most awkward of systems. Whether you want a bespoke CRM, or would rather the team created a bridging solution for existing systems, we can set up a secure process to take information out and turn it into something useful.
Its time to move beyond the generic methods of data management! Bring all your data into one place for storage, analysis and reporting! EWA tech experts are exceptionally adept at integrating many different systems - even if you have hundreds of temporary access and excel systems that have ended up lasting years.
With quality data gathered, quality reports can be delivered. Stakeholders, senior team, middle management, marketing, sales, and HR can all understand exactly what is going on at both the micro and macro level of the business.
Analysis and Applications
The next step in communication solutions is to use the data to inform a customer or stakeholder communications programme. Once the Data management team has identified trends, irregularities, and built a picture of what is going on through analysis, the Relationship Development experts apply the data to a communications programme.
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