Customer Insight Solutions and Services
Bringing relevance to communication processes
Customer Insights marketing can be used to gather extremely valuable information as a stand-alone service or by adding a powerful punch to Communication Centre and Relationship Development services, and Direct Marketing campaigns. However you choose to use these valuable insights, this information will help tailor marketing and communications to different customer segments, targeting customers likely to leave, and those most likely to purchase.

Customer Insight Solutions

EWA employ tools and techniques that have been tried,
tested and refined over the last 30 years.
Customer Insight is a complex and variable creature, all you need to know is that EWA can use it to analyse process, manufacturing, supply chain, in fact just about anything to improve your business. Check out our full list of customer insight programmes below for information on the tools we use to gather insights about your customer.
Customer Insight Solutions and Services
Using some EWA analytical expertise alongside specialist tools and techniques to identify consumer habits it is possible to get insightful information to improve campaigns, and plan resources.
  1. Analysis of transactional data
  2. Identification of consumer habits
  3. Resource planning
  4. Process analysis
  5. Value scoring
  6. Data Study and Audit
  7. Cross-Sell Analysis
  8. Surveys and Polling
  9. Customer Value Scoring
  10. Behavioural Modelling
EWA's customer Insights marketing has the power to boost your brand reputation through the deeper analysis of customer interactions and transactions. By understanding your customer base, their profiles, their trends, and their preferences, these services bring relevance to your communication process.
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