Find out how your customers
really connect with your brand
All over the world companies are furiously trying to collect data on their customers. Demographic, location, order history, path to purchase, repeat orders... the amount of data being collected and exchanged has never been greater. And it's only getting bigger year on year. The question is: how are you going to make sense of it all, to make money from it all?

We think the answer is EWA.

Customer Insight Solutions

Data, data everywhere and not a megabyte makes sense ...

Let us solve your problems with our expert Customer Insight solutions
Customer Insights powers the thinking in every single EWA service - super-charging campaigns,
getting extra value from competitions and promotions, and identifying the "sweet spot" of
customer communications. If you are looking to make sense of your data, EWA customer insight
programmes are the way forward.
Unlock the hidden value of your
customer data
Intervention marketing >
Behavioural Modelling >
Customer Value Scoring >
Customer and Stakeholder
Surveys, Polling, Competitions,
and Analysis >
Data Study and Audit >
Intervention marketing
Identify and act on individual purchase patterns to improve retention, reduce churn, build brand loyalty, and maximise up-sell opportunities.
Behavioural Modelling
Get your customer to behave the way you want by giving them what they want. Commonly known as a win-win situation.
Customer Value Scoring
Understand the true value to your business of one-off shoppers, repeat customers, and occasional purchasers.
Customer and Stakeholder Surveys, Polling, Competitions, and Analysis
Discover what your customers and stakeholders think and feel.
Data Study and Audit
Implement solutions you know will work based on the customer behavioural and profile trends identified in an EWA audit.
Customer Insight
Solutions & Services
Customer Insight Solutions and Services - Bringing relevance to communication processes
Customer Insights marketing can be used to gather extremely valuable information as a stand-alone service or by adding a powerful punch to Communication Centre and Relationship Development services, and Direct Marketing campaigns. However you choose to use these valuable insights, this information will help tailor marketing and communications to different customer segments, targeting customers likely to leave, and those most likely to purchase.
Customer Insight
Polling & Surveys
Vital in ensuring your customer experience is ahead of the game
To really gain the competitive advantage, you need to understand what your audience want, and whether you are delivering it. How? Through data-driven insights. Using these insights in the correct way, you can modify your communications to deliver a clear, consistent message, which will increase consumer engagement and elevate your brand to the top.
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Customer Insight Solutions