Call Centre? NO...

Communication Centre? YES!
Let's face it, call-centres are so last century!
With email marketing, social media, push notifications, webchat, text messaging, apps, and POS offers, today's communication opportunities aren't just about making telephone calls - they are about multi-channel interaction.

Outsourced Contact Centre

EWA is more than a standard call centre, EWA is a
communication contact centre, using smart thinking
to make your brand better.
What other companies refer to as call centres, or contact centres, we call Communication Centres - because in our eyes, successful communication is a two-way thing. When you add to this our unique data-driven insights, ability to communicate consistently across all available channels, and dedicated teams who will live and breathe your brand, you can begin to understand the quality of communication EWA offer as part of your brand.
What does great customer
experience look like?
Dedicated branded offices with staff
that live and breathe only your brand.
Multi-brand units where staff represent a
maximum of three brands, not the
industry-norm bureaus where agents are
expected to manage much higher volumes.
Ground-up, flexible solutions
built around what your brand
actually needs.
Access to EWA data systems for all
project sizes, not
just the largest, to maximise
campaign success.
Communication Centre
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Trust EWA's Communication Centres to improve your customer service satisfaction!
Communication Centre
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