Using smart thinking to make your brand better, your customers happier, and your marketing more effective.
We combine our highly skilled people, appropriate and suitable technology and strategic thinking to deliver innovative but individual solutions for our clients.

From dedicated communication centres to consumer loyalty programmes and data management, each of EWA's solutions is tailored to our client's exact requirements and directly reflects their brand.

Contact Centre Solutions

EWA thinking is at the centre of everything EWA do,
providing you with the best solutions in customer communication.
The services you'll find here are 100% backed by advanced tools and techniques that have been developed and refined by the EWA team over the last 30+ years. It is this experience, and the brains behind the team that makes us the best customer relationship specialists in our class.

The key to our success is not what we do, but the way we,
and only we can do it.
Call Centre? NO...
Communication Centre? YES!

Let's face it, call-centres are so last century!
core services
Engage, acquire, develop and retain customers online

To make more money online, you have to deliver a good online experience...
Find out how customers really connect with your brand.

All over the world companies are furiously trying to collect data on their customers...
Is your data the lifeblood of your customer communications?

It should be...
Your brand and our smart thinking.

Welcome to the biggest success story in town.
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Contact Centre Solutions