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Our Philosophy is simple: We are here to make your customers happy.

We do this by giving you simple solutions, powered by insights, data and algorithms that are anything but.

If you are looking to partner with a company that delivers quality, commitment, and outstanding communication expertise it is time to call EWA.

Discover more about EWAs innovative solutions to improve insight, deliver exceptional customer experience, and build long-term customer relations.
Meet dedicated communication teams who will live and breathe your brand.
From outsourced consumer and customer care lines to customer acquisition and development solutions, EWA are experienced at delivering a wide range of services seamlessly from award winning communication centres.

When you add to this our unique data-driven insights and dedicated teams with the ability to communicate consistently across all channels you can begin to understand the quality of communication EWA offer as part of your brand.
Acquire and retain customers through your online portals.
To make the most effective use of your online presence, you have to deliver a consistent and engaging experience.

This could be as simple as making it easy to place an order, using real-time stock information, a well-timed reminder to complete a half-filled basket, or by providing a UK based helpline to assist customers.

Above all it is about making the online process and associated communications straightforward, easy to understand and supported by a knowledgeable team who can help customers overcome technical barriers.
Discover how your customers really connect with your brand.
Enterprise and operational solutions collect all kinds of data about your customers, who and where they are, how and when they contact you, when and what they purchase from you.

The question is how do you make sense of this and more importantly make it work for your business?

Our data led Customer Insight programmes allow our clients to utilise this valuable data to drive greater engagement with their customers.
Manage your data then turn it into turbo-boosted communications.
Data is the key to unlocking the potential of your customers.

The quality of the data collected and the way it is handled directly informs the quality and effectiveness of your communications.

EWA know exactly how to collect the highest quality data and turn it into turbo-boosted communication opportunities.
Maximise your communication potential with advanced tools and techniques.
The unique thinking that sits behind the services offered at EWA is Relationship Development.

We bring together the right people, appropriate supporting technology and the strategic thinking that delivers real Relationship Development between your brand and your customers.

Programmes range from Customer Experience Audits and Communications Strategy Development to Customer Loyalty and Promotional Engagement.

Bespoke Communication Solutions

We tailor our bespoke communication solutions to a wide range of industries
"The success of the team is demonstrated by adidas' internal acknowledgment of its vital contribution in creating and maintaining consumer brand loyalty."
Jonathan Collinge | adidas Group
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adidas Group
How we helped:
In 2001, adidas wanted to review the way in which they handled their consumer enquiries. With a view to outsourcing their contact functions, they were referred to EWA by Hill & Knowlton because of proven expertise in customer care and a reputation for rapidly creating integrated contact facilities. Even after a decade of working in partnership, EWA continues to evolve the scope of the services delivered to adidas and in the future adidas will be investigating the potential of utilising social media as a customer service channel.
Featured case study
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